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Heavy vehicle exhibition and sale

Dalunye heavy truck

Dalunye has professional truck maintenance technicians and driver-level coaches who can guide the riding, so that friends who love heavy trucks and want to realize their dreams of heavy trucks can share the joy of riding.
service items:
In-depth repair and maintenance of heavy trucks/parts modification boutique sales/sharing the world with riders/all kinds of new and used heavy trucks trading/free road assistance.

重車展售: Products


Rev is like raising the speed of the engine, it brings a momentary pulsation to the heart,
We want to pass this best experience to everyone who loves Yamaha.

Yamaha has a passion for innovation,
It is a constant challenge to create a feeling that exceeds the expectations of customers.

Moto Guzzi

On March 15, 1921, "Società Anonima Moto Guzzi", a company that manufactures, processes, sells motorcycles, and even includes all motorcycle-related metal products, was established in Genoa, Italy. The three partners are Emanuele Vittorio Parodi, a famous local shipbuilder in Genoa, his son Goirgio, and his friend Carlo Guzzi. Parodi and Guzzi worked together for the Italian Air Force. In order to commemorate their friend Giovanni Ravelli, who died in the plane together, they decided to use the eagle with wings as the symbol of Moto Guzzi.


Benelli is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in Italy and in the world. Founded in 1911, the company has weathered storms and never stopped production, even during the war and the Great Depression.
Benelli is also considered one of the youngest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. The spirit of youth - energy, enthusiasm and youth is the main body of the transformation of the company's image, which can also be reflected in the average age of the company's employees is only 34 years old. Today we can safely say that Benelli has brought innovation to the motorcycle industry.
Benelli today, a motorcycle manufacturing company with a glorious past and lofty goals, ideas and plans. The excellent and diverse product range, together with Tornado and TNT, showcases a young and experienced team that dares to break the rules. These will allow Benelli to regain leadership in the premium motorcycle market.


Born for Speed With 294 world race victories, Aprilia holds the record for the most championships among many European automakers today. Aprilia has a total of 54 titles in international racing, 38 street races, 7 SBK race world championships (both driver and factory) and 9 off-road races, and counting.
After joining the Italian Piaggio Group in 2004, Aprilia has undertaken an important mission - to become the European brand with the most complete product line and strive to become the market leader. With the reorganization of Noale's racing department, it has entered a number of world events.
Restarted in 2009 with the SBK World Championships, during the same period, Aprilia also accumulated 28 World Championships and numerous European/National Championships. Every weekend, Aprilia continues to go out in international or local events to satisfy the enthusiasm of car owners from all over the world, and it has also become a hotbed for nurturing young drivers in the future.

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